Finbar O’Hanlon lives, breathes and sees the future. More importantly, he creates technology today that empowers tomorrow…and tomorrow is now.

As the man who’s being called “the Rockstar of Technology” by the media, Finbar orchestrated his remarkably varied experiences in advanced technology and entertainment to provide the game-changing digital content delivery enabling technology called Linius.

The combination of his adventurous, engaging personality together with his vast experiences as an artist in spotlight and technologist behind the scenes has tuned and driven Finbar to introduce products to the world that bring about connection between people and the ever expanding world of creative content… thus opening new pathways for business and global monetization.

Career Summary

  1. Over 20 years experience in Development of IT and media entertainment systems
  1. Specialist in Convergence of Media appliances and Digital Media Convergance
  2. Product Inventor and Patent Holder “Method of Content Delivery” in 8 Countries
  3. Global experience in delivering technical IP based Video and Audio systems.
  4. Global experience in Content acquisition
  5. Globally accomplished musician, clinician and music educator

Past Career Highlights
Company Guvera
CTO Chief Technology Officer
Responsible for the Development of the Guvera Technology
Platform Australia USA and London.

Arrivell Technology
CTO Chief Technology Officer
Year/s 2007-2009
Responsible for the Development of the Arrivell Technology Platform Europe Australia

Producer Band Member Stereo Chemix
Los Angeles
Stereo Chemix: John Otto (Limp Bizkit) Ceekay (La Coka Nostra), DJ Apokalypze, NC3 Recorded in Los Angeles

Lightspeed Media
CTO Chief Technology Officer
2004 – May 2005
Lightspeed Media was the Global Licensee and Partner of Vividas. Lightspeed commercialised IP enabled Video to clients globally and Headed up product development, Client integration and Business development in the following countries. US, Germany, France, Spain. Conducted successful trials and deployments with over 30 clients including TF1, CANAL +, DEUTSCHE TELECOM & Bayern Munich, Ono (Spain)

The Fuel Agency
Creative Director
2002 -2004
Fuel Agency Provided specialist Advertising and communication strategies for corporate clients such as Blockbuster, Holden Special Vehicles, Proton, Melbourne City Landrover, GS1. Creative direction of Applications and multimedia development

CTO Chief Technology Officer
2000 -2002
Positv was a specialist partner to Nortel Asia Pacific. Produced an
Application called the Amadeus Suite. The Amadeus suite was specifically
designed to Deliver Digital Signage via a Secure Managed network to Nortel. Used in North Canada, And in Melbourne Australia.

IBM GSA TAS systems
Psychoacoustic Audio Engineer
May 1999 – June 2000

As a consultant to the TAS Team Finbar was involved in engineering the Audio Filtering for TAS systems. TAS systems were focused on producing surround Audio for a stereo sound-field. Using an AMS Neve console and Protools system Finbar adopted technological principles such as HRTF, comb filtering, and Linear phasing to produce 3d positioning of sound from 2 speakers. The technology was embedded on chipsets to be used in audiophile components

Company Rystar Communications / Sri Lankan Govt
Audio Facility Project Lead
May 1998 -February 1999

Project Lead involved in Studio Equipment purchase, studio design and fit-out for MMDS spectrum satellite play-out facility in Colombo Sri Lanka

Company D.A.T.S (Digital Audio Training & Solutions
CEO / Trainer
July 1995 - March 1997

Digital Audio Training and Solutions was Melbourne's First Industry
Accredited Audio, Video Training Institute based in Chapel Street
Melbourne. With a full featured Digital 96 track audio studio, Video Post facilities students learned all aspects of training from Audio and Video production, 3D compositing to Interactive Multimedia. Endorsed by Fostex, Alesis, Tascam, Digidesign, Apple and Emagic the studios provided training for Australia's up and coming Media producers

Company The Electric Factory
Digital Product Specialist
June 1994 - August 1995

Digital Product specialist for Australian Product distributor The
Electric factory. Specialising in Emagic Logic Audio Products, Digidesign and Avid products, Alesis, and Ensoniq keyboards. Finbar at Numerous Trade shows and Clinics Australia Wide

Company Revolver Music Gallery
Director Pro Audio / Video
March 1993 - July 1995

Revolver Melbourne one of Australia's largest Music complex's included Music retail, Rehearsal studios, Recording studios and Night Club. Managing all aspects of Audio video technical sales, support and

Company Apple Computers Australia
Position Digital Product Specialist
Masters of Media Reseller
May1993 -March 1994
Helped launch the masters of media program in Australia for Apple Australia, Co Authored the guidelines and worked a pro level support for apple

Company Australian Institute of Music
Instrumental Major and compositional major teacher,
1992 - March 1993
Educator / music teacher teaching Instrumental Major and composition major based on the Berklee college specialising in guitar. The Australian institute of Music is the
Countries Premier School for Guitar with Full time courses in all aspects
of Music Tuition. With the Likes of tutors such as Carl Orr, Ike Isaccs and
Dieter Kliemann Finbar was surrounded by students. Finbar also
Conducted Private tuition for over 50 students per week

Method and system for content delivery

Granted in
Australia, Singapore, Korea, China

Issued August 15, 2008 Inventors: Finbar OHanlon
METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTENT DELIVERY Edit United States Patent Application
US-2010-0257569-A1 Filed May 5, 2010 Inventors: Finbar OHanlon
Method andSystem for Content Delivery Edit India Patent Application 1093/DELNP/2010 A
Filed February 17, 2010 Inventors: Finbar OHanlon