Finbar's Challenge Submission #7

By Finbar O'Hanlon ( Melbourne Australia) Fri Feb 3rd of Feb PST 4:38:10 PM

Super Highway

Another analogy for Linius is a Highway Superhighway or Freeway.

Linius simplifies the workflow and Management of content and removes processes in getting content from the content owner to the consumers device
Just like a Highway removes the need to travel on multip[le roads to get to a certain destination.
In this case Linius could be described as a Highway or Freeway

Let me explain

The workflow of online digital video is very complicated and requires a lot of steps in getting the content from the origin (source) to your device
one such scenario of workflow follows

Asset Creation

Capture -> Edit -> Grade -> Output -> Recompress

Present to Catalog -> Tag the content -> File Conversion -> Transcoding

Multi upload -> Content Management System ->User Moderation -> Channel Creation -> Ad Serving ->Permission Settings ->Billing and Accounts Setting

Browser Video Players -> Podcast ->RSS Feeds ->Download Manager ->Media Players

Now think of all these workflow items as Major roads (bold ) and streets in normal highlighting
e.g. Asset Creation (Major Road) capture (street)

If I were a GPS and I wanted to plot a route from Asset Creation to Delivery it would look something like

  • Asset Creation 10 miles
  • Capture 2 miles
  • Edit 4 miles
  • Grade 2 miles
  • Output 1 mile
  • Recompress 2 Miles
  • Ingestion 3 miles
  • Present to catalog 4 miles
  • Tag Content 2 miles
  • File Conversion 3 miles
  • Transcoding 3 miles
  • Management 2 miles

Well Linius simplifies the workflow of content it would look something like

  • Asset creation 10 miles
  • Discover 1 mile
  • ingest 1 mile
  • Detect 1 mile
  • Deliver 1 mile

Thats it

So I think Linius is a great example of a Superhighway whilst you can get on the Superhighway at the beginning and end
and use the full benefits of the freeway ( miss all of the other roads required to get from Asset creation to delivery)
The Linius Superhighway has multiple on and off ramps which allow you to bypass only certain roads (e.g. eliminate transcoding to a multitude of devices)
With Linius the Workflow and management is simplified so business can evolve to deliver a next generation of video products to their customers.


Finbar's Challenge Submission #6

By Peter Budd ( Melbourne Australia) Fri Feb 3rd of Feb PST 1:20:21 PM

Swiss Army Knife

" Just as the company behind the versatile Swiss Army Knife simplifies and enables the lives of millions of people in many different occupations and markets
around the world so too Linius helps different people in different markets simplify and enable the optimisation of the work flow and management
systems behind the world-wide video eco system"

Finbar's Challenge Submission #5

By Dan Thompson ( Melbourne Australia) Mon 30th of Jan PST 12:12:08 PM


As an analogy for Linius, I think of myself as a consumer of food.
I have an appetite for all food (
videos and advertisements that are relevant to me).
Accordingly I can eat some food but not all food due to various growing conditions, environmental factors, availability
(players, proprietary software, platforms, device incompatibility etc) and so on.
If I want a specific type of food and cannot have that then I become frustrated especially if there are all sorts of foods around me but nothing I want to eat
(loads of TV channels or content types but nothing to watch)
So from that perspective. I think of a video as a silo full of one type food/seed. As with all seeds they have specific farming conditions required for growth.
Linius extracts the DNA of one of the seeds in the silo and stores this DNA information in our DNA repository.
When a farmer wants to grow a crop or any combination of crops based on my food needs, Linius provides the DNA to the farmer and builds a new super seed. The Super seed could be one type of crop or multiple types of crops from many silos all in the one seed.
This super seed grows any crop as requested by me in any farming conditions. Linius plants the super seed and it instantaneously turns into super crop in any conditions as opposed to planting an entire silo of seeds to grow a crop or planting silos of seeds that wont grow in certain growing conditions thereby feeding me with whatever food I want, whenever I want and in real time. 

Finbar's Challenge Submission #4

By Peter La Fontaine ( Bali Indonesia) Fri 27th of Jan PST 12:12:08 PM

Remember KISS (Keep It Simple )
1) You know how flash doesn't work on an iphone?  with Linus it will
2) Imagine being able to stop, pause then play the SAME  video on your mac, iphone, windows mobile, xbox, internet connected TV in fact any device with a browser from anywhere in the world from a single file?
3) What's the problem with all of the following technologies;
YouTube (Short form content, one format I have to find stuff)
DVD - YOU NEED the disk, disks get scratched, won't play on my other devices

The Movies - (Ticket and food pricing expensive especially if you are a family, not convenient
Iphone (small screen hard to navigate selection then bandwidth is an issue and costs of data)

Bottom Line there is no STANDARD
Linius unblocks the world of multiple standards by automatically translating the file

4) Say you like surfing, what if you had your own personal video assistant that could search the internet for all of the video content on surfing then imagine your video assistant is able to play that video back to you know matter where you are or what device you're using?
5) Linus I want that video now,is the personal language translator and butler.

Finbar's Challenge Submission #3

By Tim Lapham ( Melbourne Australia ) Fri 27th of Jan PST 12:12:08 PM

"Linius is an Australian company leading a global revolution in the playback of digital video, anywhere, anytime and on any device."
In an Analogy

Linius is the concierge of video.

from Wikipedia

The concierge may, for instance, keep the mail of absented dwellers; be entrusted with the apartment keys to deal with emergencies when residents are absent, provide information to residents and guests, provide access control, enforce rules, and act as a go-between for residents and management when management is not on-site

Finbar's Challenge Submission #2

By Rajneesh Sonji ( Noida India ) Thursday 26th of Jan EST 11:05:12 PM

Linius provides so many advantages that single analogy cannot justify all
that linius stands for.

I would equate it to "auction-house" which collect artifacts from multiple
places, gather all the artifacts at its "auction-place", sell those
artifacts to highest bidder.

it has flows -
1. cost involve in transporting paintings from multiple location (dealing
with multiple video-content owners with varying licensing)

2. wastage since many artifacts go unsold needs to be returned (will
transcode and format many content which will not be sold)

3. original owner may be concerned of the security and handling damage
(big studios may not provide content to small aggregator)

4. owner may be concerned that he may not get full price of artifact
(aggregator may not report the actual users of the content)

5. impossible to deal with thousands of artifacts at any given instance.
(small time content aggregator are out of the business)

Now instead of "actual artifact" if they only use "photograph (vStub)" it
just solves all the issue

1. zero cost transport (needs very small server rooms to just need to
store vStub)
2. no handling cost (no transcoding needed)
3. no security concern (only vStub)
4. full price (since content will always shipped to user from content
owners premise or its trusted locations)
5. small cost of setting business (virtually any one with some rented
servers and content deals can become aggregator)

so i think linius democratise and personalise the content distribution
business, and create value for everyone in the chain not by redistribution
of pricing-power buy by creating efficiency

linius reduce wastage on
1. transcoding/
2. customising
3. licensing deals
4. multiple content copy

Finbar's Challenge Submission #1

By Finbar O'Hanlon ( New York USA ) Wed 25th of Jan EST 1:08:05 AM

"think of a single video as an electric cord or cable, 
a cord or cable that has a plug on the end to suit a certian country (player type) 
Linius takes a photo of the wire inside each each cord or cable (the video DNA reference), and stores it in a database so rather than storing physical cords which could be hundreds of feet long x thousand of physical items to inventory we store a single photo. (virtual asset)
When someone want to buy a specific cord for a specific country or voltage (request from device) 
Linius assembles multiple photos of wires (references) from multiple cords or cables (multiple videos) into a new photo ( virtual file) of a single combined strand of wires (reference to multiple videos).
Ok if your still with me this is where the real magic happens
Linius "on the fly" tailor makes a new wire or cord wrapper (black plastic shield)
with the right plug on the end (country), 
delivers it to the wall socket it fits and correct voltage (built for a specific device)
then inserts the new photo of wires (virtual file)  
consisting of multiple wires (multiple Video DNA chunks) 
as the same time the electricity begins to flow without affecting the delivery of video. (on the fly)

IF you said this was possible with an electric cord I would say impossible
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