Finbar's Challenge Submission #5

By Dan Thompson ( Melbourne Australia) Mon 30th of Jan PST 12:12:08 PM


As an analogy for Linius, I think of myself as a consumer of food.
I have an appetite for all food (
videos and advertisements that are relevant to me).
Accordingly I can eat some food but not all food due to various growing conditions, environmental factors, availability
(players, proprietary software, platforms, device incompatibility etc) and so on.
If I want a specific type of food and cannot have that then I become frustrated especially if there are all sorts of foods around me but nothing I want to eat
(loads of TV channels or content types but nothing to watch)
So from that perspective. I think of a video as a silo full of one type food/seed. As with all seeds they have specific farming conditions required for growth.
Linius extracts the DNA of one of the seeds in the silo and stores this DNA information in our DNA repository.
When a farmer wants to grow a crop or any combination of crops based on my food needs, Linius provides the DNA to the farmer and builds a new super seed. The Super seed could be one type of crop or multiple types of crops from many silos all in the one seed.
This super seed grows any crop as requested by me in any farming conditions. Linius plants the super seed and it instantaneously turns into super crop in any conditions as opposed to planting an entire silo of seeds to grow a crop or planting silos of seeds that wont grow in certain growing conditions thereby feeding me with whatever food I want, whenever I want and in real time. 
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