Finbar's Challenge Submission #7

By Finbar O'Hanlon ( Melbourne Australia) Fri Feb 3rd of Feb PST 4:38:10 PM

Super Highway

Another analogy for Linius is a Highway Superhighway or Freeway.

Linius simplifies the workflow and Management of content and removes processes in getting content from the content owner to the consumers device
Just like a Highway removes the need to travel on multip[le roads to get to a certain destination.
In this case Linius could be described as a Highway or Freeway

Let me explain

The workflow of online digital video is very complicated and requires a lot of steps in getting the content from the origin (source) to your device
one such scenario of workflow follows

Asset Creation

Capture -> Edit -> Grade -> Output -> Recompress

Present to Catalog -> Tag the content -> File Conversion -> Transcoding

Multi upload -> Content Management System ->User Moderation -> Channel Creation -> Ad Serving ->Permission Settings ->Billing and Accounts Setting

Browser Video Players -> Podcast ->RSS Feeds ->Download Manager ->Media Players

Now think of all these workflow items as Major roads (bold ) and streets in normal highlighting
e.g. Asset Creation (Major Road) capture (street)

If I were a GPS and I wanted to plot a route from Asset Creation to Delivery it would look something like

  • Asset Creation 10 miles
  • Capture 2 miles
  • Edit 4 miles
  • Grade 2 miles
  • Output 1 mile
  • Recompress 2 Miles
  • Ingestion 3 miles
  • Present to catalog 4 miles
  • Tag Content 2 miles
  • File Conversion 3 miles
  • Transcoding 3 miles
  • Management 2 miles

Well Linius simplifies the workflow of content it would look something like

  • Asset creation 10 miles
  • Discover 1 mile
  • ingest 1 mile
  • Detect 1 mile
  • Deliver 1 mile

Thats it

So I think Linius is a great example of a Superhighway whilst you can get on the Superhighway at the beginning and end
and use the full benefits of the freeway ( miss all of the other roads required to get from Asset creation to delivery)
The Linius Superhighway has multiple on and off ramps which allow you to bypass only certain roads (e.g. eliminate transcoding to a multitude of devices)
With Linius the Workflow and management is simplified so business can evolve to deliver a next generation of video products to their customers.

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