TV in the US and Kelly Cutrone

Hi all

It's Wednesday Night here in the US. 
Weather is not as bad as the last couple of days
 I'm bunkered into bed now getting an early sleep because it's a Big day tomorrow in meetings most of the day 
Interestingly enough one of my meetings is with Kelly Cutrone.
Kelly is the lady who wrote the book that I read recently Normal gets you nowhere and a person 3 people said to me in Australia I should meet. I had never heard of her.
The universe works in strange ways as now we are connecting

It's interesting that I have no idea why I want to meet her but I know that i am supposed to.
I always make an effort to try to follow my spirit, intuition, heart , instincts call it what you will
I'll let you know tomorrow night how the meeting was.

On another topic, why does anyone in the USA watch Television unless it's fast forward TV, Netflix or some sort of on demand viewing experience
Yes it's our business but I have travelled the world and I have never in my life seen such an assembly of mind numbing rubbish in my life.

I switched on the TV today for about 10 minutes and I was reminded how bad it is.
I have time warner cable here in new york and the amount of channels seem endless with channels numbering into the 400's
Granted I am basing my judgement on this experience and any hotel i have spent my time in over the last 20 years in America
what gives me advantage is the fact I can compare the tv experience in the US to the UK and Australia.
For those that don't live in the US on this daily blog let me paint you a picture
Imagine you have 30 door to door salesmen all screaming at the same time about nothing behind one door but if you close that door and open another one its full of people crying again about nothing.
For example a girl broke her fingernail on this one show i watched and she was going in a modelling pageant, because of the nail she could not stop crying.
behind the next  door is breaking news, so breaking that it is a constant repeat of something that happened 3 days ago repeated every 15 minutes

Of course this is my opinion and the reason i don't watch TV.
If I had my way and content was relevant to me, there would be only content with inspirational messages, good news
education not obliteration. full of documentaries that provoke thought not program it.

The beauty here is we all have our own unique DNA and our own view of life.
Why is it that TV is so revolting to me here in the USA and I seem to only have Netflix's Documentaries to keep me entertained.
Why is it I cannot buy a good BBC series on DVD in any retailer in NEW York (one of the capitals of the world) but i can in any good australian DVD shop

Why, because there is no demand I guess, I am obviously not the typical consumer I am different, I don't accept things that don't feel right to me.
With that being said I wonder how many people are there in the world like me, not exactly like me but want content relevant to them to stop endless channel surfing to give up and go to bed. I would think a lot
If that is the case and consumption of video keeps skyrocketing the future is bright for all of us.

until tomorrow

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