The Chemistry of Connected People The Chemistry of Connected People

The Chemistry of Connected People

I wanted to share my thoughts on something that happened today.

Q: Have any of you ever been around a group of people, whether you know them or not and notice that some of these people are much easier to connect or get along with than others. I believe this could be determined by the chemistry you have with a specific person you're communicating with.
Have you ever met someone briefly but they left an impression or mark on you, the breed of chemistry that tells your instincts that there is a reason you need to communicate with this person.
As someone who trusts their instincts I go out of my way to make sure that I follow through and connect when my heart tells me this.
It happens all the time to me. It's like there are a select tribe of people on this planet I belong to, yet often these people don't even know they belong to this tribe and it's as if it's my job to let them know i feel a connection to them.
Funny thing is when i feel this chemistry I have to date never been wrong in connecting with these people it's what some people call trusting their gut and it has happened on many occasions.
Anyway another instance of this happened today. Someone whom i met briefly over a year ago left this impression on me and I wanted to 
make sure I connected with this person. 
I could see a lot of myself in this person and I wanted to make sure I fulfilled my contract by connecting and letting them know who I am and why i feel compelled to engage with them.
I already started this conversation via email and i was gifted beyond words by what happened tonight.
As i was directed by "my gut" this person was revealed to be the person I imagined and much much more.
I believe everyone has chemistry and can feel the attraction and danger signs of people who they will or will not work together well with.
It takes practice I am still a novice but one thing I can tell you its like a magnetometer which measures the strength or direction of a magnetic field.
If you feel nothing (90% of the time) this is normal, but when you feel the hit of chemistry depending on the strength of the hit, this is a direct message on how much you should make sure you connect with that person. 
For today to that person thank you, you gave me such an amazing gift and it was worth the wait,

This day was an amazing re enforcement of understanding to me that we need social connections to those we feel chemistry to.

We lead complicated lives with many distractions, distractions that change our emotions, take away our power
We want to lead stronger, better lives, why not do it with people that you like and can co create with,.people who will not bind you but help empower you I know because I have these people around me, without them I would be nowhere.

I believe the secret is (Drum roll) 

To act upon chemistry immediately with the intensity it hits you and most importantly
once connected you have have to make sure you don't abuse the chemistry,
i.e that there is reciprocal benefit or chemistry flowing 

Sounds simple, but i believe unless there is mutuality in the relationship it is not a relationship and will not survive.

Ba aware of this, it s so easy in todays western world to be self consumed in our busy lives.
The best case i can put forward to support this fact is my amazing relationship with my partner for over 22 years Jackie Cernoy
she is still my best friend my lover, my soulmate

until tomorrow

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