Finbar's Challenge Submission #4

By Peter La Fontaine ( Bali Indonesia) Fri 27th of Jan PST 12:12:08 PM

Remember KISS (Keep It Simple )
1) You know how flash doesn't work on an iphone?  with Linus it will
2) Imagine being able to stop, pause then play the SAME  video on your mac, iphone, windows mobile, xbox, internet connected TV in fact any device with a browser from anywhere in the world from a single file?
3) What's the problem with all of the following technologies;
YouTube (Short form content, one format I have to find stuff)
DVD - YOU NEED the disk, disks get scratched, won't play on my other devices

The Movies - (Ticket and food pricing expensive especially if you are a family, not convenient
Iphone (small screen hard to navigate selection then bandwidth is an issue and costs of data)

Bottom Line there is no STANDARD
Linius unblocks the world of multiple standards by automatically translating the file

4) Say you like surfing, what if you had your own personal video assistant that could search the internet for all of the video content on surfing then imagine your video assistant is able to play that video back to you know matter where you are or what device you're using?
5) Linus I want that video now,is the personal language translator and butler.
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