Finbar's Challenge Submission #2

By Rajneesh Sonji ( Noida India ) Thursday 26th of Jan EST 11:05:12 PM

Linius provides so many advantages that single analogy cannot justify all
that linius stands for.

I would equate it to "auction-house" which collect artifacts from multiple
places, gather all the artifacts at its "auction-place", sell those
artifacts to highest bidder.

it has flows -
1. cost involve in transporting paintings from multiple location (dealing
with multiple video-content owners with varying licensing)

2. wastage since many artifacts go unsold needs to be returned (will
transcode and format many content which will not be sold)

3. original owner may be concerned of the security and handling damage
(big studios may not provide content to small aggregator)

4. owner may be concerned that he may not get full price of artifact
(aggregator may not report the actual users of the content)

5. impossible to deal with thousands of artifacts at any given instance.
(small time content aggregator are out of the business)

Now instead of "actual artifact" if they only use "photograph (vStub)" it
just solves all the issue

1. zero cost transport (needs very small server rooms to just need to
store vStub)
2. no handling cost (no transcoding needed)
3. no security concern (only vStub)
4. full price (since content will always shipped to user from content
owners premise or its trusted locations)
5. small cost of setting business (virtually any one with some rented
servers and content deals can become aggregator)

so i think linius democratise and personalise the content distribution
business, and create value for everyone in the chain not by redistribution
of pricing-power buy by creating efficiency

linius reduce wastage on
1. transcoding/
2. customising
3. licensing deals
4. multiple content copy
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