Finbar's Challenge Submission #1

By Finbar O'Hanlon ( New York USA ) Wed 25th of Jan EST 1:08:05 AM

"think of a single video as an electric cord or cable, 
a cord or cable that has a plug on the end to suit a certian country (player type) 
Linius takes a photo of the wire inside each each cord or cable (the video DNA reference), and stores it in a database so rather than storing physical cords which could be hundreds of feet long x thousand of physical items to inventory we store a single photo. (virtual asset)
When someone want to buy a specific cord for a specific country or voltage (request from device) 
Linius assembles multiple photos of wires (references) from multiple cords or cables (multiple videos) into a new photo ( virtual file) of a single combined strand of wires (reference to multiple videos).
Ok if your still with me this is where the real magic happens
Linius "on the fly" tailor makes a new wire or cord wrapper (black plastic shield)
with the right plug on the end (country), 
delivers it to the wall socket it fits and correct voltage (built for a specific device)
then inserts the new photo of wires (virtual file)  
consisting of multiple wires (multiple Video DNA chunks) 
as the same time the electricity begins to flow without affecting the delivery of video. (on the fly)

IF you said this was possible with an electric cord I would say impossible
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