A Fulfilled life

Hi All 

I Just landed in Los Angeles and had a fantastic day
Its late and I am a little tired but i had to get this out to switch my brain into sleep mode.
As you know by now my blogs contain all sorts of things including business and trips inside my head to see how my brain works.
Well Today I want to bring up something that i keep getting asked about in one form or another

How do I do what I do? and more importantly what do I do?
Am I a technology guy , a CEO, musician, music producer, teacher, ?
Well yes i suppose I am but to be honest I am everything, and By Everything I am who myself wants me to be.
But to do tis you have to find out who you are and trust me this is not easy and I am not even sure if I have fully 
But I know one thing I lead a fulfilled life and because of it magical things happen.
Sounds like a fairytale but it's totally true
I mix with the biggest celebs in the world and they are my friends not on a party level but on a creative level.
If I try and explain who I am  people they do not understand because people are programmed to associate people with their image and put that person in a box.
That's the advantage I am who I am and true to myself.

I believe deep down we all want something to believe in, something that inspires us, but I also believe a lot of people don't know who they are.
We seem to be programmed to believe the most important things in life are owning a house, having a great job with a big title, being rich what car you drive 
not to mention what school and brands you wear.

If you are really interested in this stuff check this documentary out. Its on youtube free and is totally amazing
great food for the brain "the century of self" 

How do we find something to believe in something that inspires us. how do we become fulfilled
Well Fulfilled is a great word but the trouble is  finding it. By finding it I mean, moving beyond a dictionary and finding the source of that fulfilment within.

I am not a doctor, scientist or anything really but people continually ask me where i get my energy from? 
If I honestly had an answer it would be because I am inspired.
Work is not a word I totally understand because I always do what i want to and love to.

We are so programmed that we believe
We have to go to college to get a great job (that is not true at all, my friend Bam Margera left high school to follow his dream of being a pro skateboarder
he did that and much much more.
I never went past high school but I spent all my time, through my whole life doing what I like and not compromising that.
Funny thing is I have always been happy.
I have had really low time like everyone else but at least I am responsible for my own life and I strive to make sure I empower those around me.

My formula 

1: Drive comes from 2:  inspiration which leads to a 3: a fulfilled life

I often get asked how do i find inspiration
Its a hard one to answer but here goes
Inspiration comes about because of change or seeing the possibility of change.  
If you always do the same things, this will be either minimal or non-existent.  
You must search out and have new experiences in order to find inspiration.  
This works by seeing new places or people that can inspire you.  

3 Tips that I use to get inspiration

A For one week Do not watch any television except documentaries, no reality tv, news nothing (Documentaries are great brain food and expand you mind)
B This week, any time you have a problem (with anything) regardless of the size of the disaster, don't complain, try to think of the positive effect of the problem ( even if its wrong)
   you are training your mind to challenge your programming, to grow, expand and be positive.
Here is a good question how do you know something is wrong? is it because someone told you maybe everyone told you it was wrong.
Does that make it wrong that people have told you it was wrong. If you said i know it was wrong. Well how do you know.
Everything we know is based on history. History is wrong all the time.
C Wake up and first thing think of 20 things you are grateful for. Start your day in a good mindset
  how often do we hear about the importance of breakfast. How often do we hear about starting the day in a good headspace.
  A lot of people wake up rush around, start worrying about their upcoming day, what clothes to wear, who's dropping off the kids
  they turn on the news ( which is all bad news) then eat either (a healthy breakfast because it is good for you) or rush or skip breakfast because there is not time.

This is not the way to be inspired and fulfilled.  It is 12:19 am in LA 3:19 new york and I have to be up in a few hours But i love it i am inspired.

I could go on and on but even inspiration needs sleep.
2 new submissions in today from yesterdays blog will pos them on the
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